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Used Modular Data Centers

Used Modular Data Center is your source for used modular data centers from HP, HPe, Dell, Microsoft, Siemens and Schneider.  We have contracts with current owners of these enclosures to sell them when they are replaced and become surplus.  These prefabricated data centers are often from 2-7 years old and have a designed life of 20+ years.  The data center containers have been extremely well maintained.  The building infrastructure can easily be populated with new IT equipment and be redeployed into your environment.

Used Modular Data Centers will have these units to sell as they become available.  We have several types of modular data centers:

  • Used modular data centers fully populated with servers from HP, Dell, and others.
  • Used modular data center enclosures only – ready to be populated with your own servers.
  • New surplus data center enclosures fully populated with server blades.
  • New surplus data center enclosures only – populate with your servers
  • Used modular data center parts
    • Cooling units (DX and chilled water)
    • Fire suppression (VESDA and other)
    • Server racks
    • Transformers (PowerPacs)
    • Server blade and chassis lot packages to populate your modular data center.

Units Currently Available

    • July 2023 – DFW Area – TX – 3 new surplus data centers available – custom made – single wide, 10 racks 
      • 2 x 80kw w/ built in dual UPS, all power and cooling included – NO RACKS  – Pictures HERE 
      • 1 x 100kw w/ built in dual UPS, all power and cooling included – w/ racks
    • September  2023 – Western US – 10+ modular data centers – HP 240a
    • August 2022 – Northern US – 2 modular data centers – Dell and HP 40c (SOLD)
    • September 2022 – Midwest and Southeast – 11 “New” Surplus (2020) – Dell Unit (8 SOLD)
      • 5 Shielded, fully populated with servers
      • 1 Unshielded, fully populated with servers
      • 6 Modular data centers with no servers
    • March 2022 – PNW Area – 2 units, servers have been removed (1 SOLD)
    • July 2021 – Central US – 6 x HP EcoPod 240a (6 SOLD)
    • November 2020 – February 2021 – 15 enclosures on the schedule to be removed (12 SOLD)

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